The VLab

We believe in research, recycling and design culture.
Set up in 2008, the VLab Design projects stems out from our passion for vintage aestethics and our aim is to give new life to those design pieces that have lost their allure and that strongly claim it back. As we do so, we retain the history and the DNA of those pieces, as our philosophy is to value past times as a guarantee for future quality.
Our work finds inspiration even from basic shapes of recycled items, and we choose to transform them into high-end pieces of furniture thanks to our targeted creative process. We focus on designing new furniture, often thanks to the priceless help of knowledgeable craftsmen’s hands, as we are constantly attracted by the dialogue between past, present and future.

In 2016 Vlab meets Fikus: some of our pieces have found their home in the rooms of this boutique b&b in the countryside of Apulian Itria Valley, that has become our exhibition space and our creative laboratory, always open up to new influences.

Our motto “…life is never in our rooms. We die and we come back, as everything else ” (Ferzan Ozpetek, Mine Vaganti)

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